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Fly High! Fly Safe! Fly KLAMC!

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Welcome to

King's Lynn Aero Model Club

Roydon Flying Field

 No initial joining fee only an annual membership fee

All flyers at Roydon must belong to the British Model Flying Association

Roydon Flying Field is affiliated to the BMFA.

Starting tables are provided for safety.

 All radio control model flyers welcome!

Fly fixed wing aircraft


Electric and IC

Car Parking area

Club hut and Portaloo available on site

Enjoy Norfolk's wide blue skies.

   Aerial views of our Roydon Flying Field situated on the very edge of Roydon Common, 

photographed by Steve from his FPV RC model aircraft.




King’s Lynn Aero Model Club is a must for all keen radio control aero modellers and flyers living in the King's Lynn area and beyond. It can be very difficult for an individual to build and fly a radio controlled model aeroplane safely.  The satisfaction of building an airframe from a variety of strong yet light materials, covering it, fitting the radio control gear, running in and testing, trimming it out, flying it satisfactorily and finally bringing it down to earth in one piece without causing damage to other people, property or yourself is wonderful and of course essential! It is extremely satisfying!


Joining a club helps you enjoy your achievements and share the problems and the joys involved. It also is a great sport that is competitive and encourages you to achieve a range of skills at all levels and result in a flying model!


It combines all the activities of getting airborne but without the enormous expense of an full sized aircraft. Getting into the spirit of a WW1 Sopwith Fighter or a WW2 Lancaster Bomber is within reach. The sport takes many forms and includes powered gliders, acrobatic and 3D craft, sports aircraft and of course the ever popular Warbirds. Models range from those powered by electric motors, small internal combustion engines (IC) to petrol engines (GAS) and jet turbine. 


The aircraft may be modelled from traditional balsa wood, fibre glass, various foam materials, carbon fibre, etc. Or if you really don't enjoy modelling or want to get flying with an Almost Ready To Fly (ARTF) training model there is vast range of models to choose from and good advice can be obtained from club members or a good model shop.


To get directions to Roydon Common Flying Field, follow the BMFA Club Locator below.

For a detailed BMFA Club Locator map click here:-  BMFA Clubs





To help achieve this KLAMC offers:-

  • Somewhere safe to fly at Roydon Flying Field situated on the edge of Roydon Common.
  • The opportunity to gain Qualifications in conjunction with BMFA - British Model Flying Association.
  • A friendly group of like minded modellers & flyers always willing to offer help and support if you are having difficulties.
  • Club events include:-  Fly-in days - Coach trip to Model Air Shows - Training nights - Club nights - Model of the year Competition - Swap Meets!
  • Monthly News Letter & this KLAMC Web site!


If you have any questions you may find the answer by clicking on the 'Frequently Asked Questions' button in the left-hand column.



These superb aerial photographs of the Roydon Flying Field were taken by Steve using an FPV craft.

  They clearly show the Roydon Flying Field and it's beautiful location on Roydon Common.


All information given on this website is given in good faith.